How do I link a task with a story?



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    Ken Mugrage

    Hi Karl,

    Mingle can definitely do what you're asking.

    One thing I would recommend is to make sure that you choose "include pages" when creating your project from the template. If you do this, your new project will have a couple wiki pages that outline how to use that specific template. It's also not a bad idea when you're first learning Mingle to "include cards". The Scrum template has quite a bit of sample information that will help you learn how it works when you do this. You can always delete the sample cards if you wish.

    In the project you created, each card has what we call "Card Defaults" ( ). You can think of these like a template for that type of information. In the story defaults, there are examples on how to create links to other cards ( the #0 that you referred to ). This is just meant as an example, and definitely wouldn't work. If you edit the card and put in a valid card number that link will work.

    There are multiple ways create associated stories and tasks, here are a couple options.

    1. The Story to Tasks relationships in that particular template are created by the Schedule tree. You can access that tree directly from the right hand sidebar. If you add your stories there, you can click on "Add Child" and create the tasks from the same screen. This will make it so that when you subsequently open that story, the related tasks will show up in the table you referenced in your post. ( )

    2. If you're already viewing a story that's in the Schedule tree, you can click on the + symbol next to "from Schedule tree" on the bottom of the card to create new tasks. Again, those tasks would automatically show in that story card. The key here is that because the relationship is created by the Schedule tree, the story has to already be a member of it. The idea is that the story would have normally been created as part of a product backlog, and then put into play for a release and / or sprint before you would do a task breakdown. If your company preferes to do task breakdowns earlier, Mingle can certainly be configured to support that.

    Showing two "complete transitions" windows is definitely something that shouldn't be happening. I'm afraid I don't have an easy answer for that one. If that's repeatable please let us know, we'd love to troubleshoot it and make sure that if it's an issue with the template it gets corrected.

    I would also encourage you to either attend our public webinars ( ) or contact us at if you would like a product specialist to walk you through Mingle. 

    I hope this helps,


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