Scrum template - Review before Testing?



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    Matt Quagliana

    The idea is that after development an analyst reviews the story as implements and signs off on it delivers that it meets the intended business value.

    If you skip this test, you run the risk of developing and testing something, only to discover at the signoff stage that there was a mis-communication between the analyst(s) and the developer(s).

    All that being said, if you want to remove this column you can do so via these steps:

    1. Make sure that no stories are currently in the "BA Review" column

    2. Modify/delete transitions as needed to skip this step

    3. Hide this column on the Sprint Backlog cardwall.

    4. Re-save the tab definition by clicking "Add current view to team favorites" and entering "Sprint Backlog". This will updates the tab definition.

    5. Go into Admin - Card Properties. Edit the Status property and delete the value for "In BA Review"

    It takes several steps to completely remove that swim lane, but no other product on the market let's you completely remove a step from the middle of the workflow like that.

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