Blank cells in tables?




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    Jennifer Marley

    Hi Mike

    Currently there is no way to render empty cells in the table markup.  This is caused by a bug in the third-party library that Mingle uses for our wiki markup. We aim to upgrade to a newer version of this library within the next few releases and this should fix the problem.

    When I come across this problem in my usage of Mingle, I use a hyphen (-) to indicate the cell is left intentionally blank.  Perhaps, this workaround or something similar would work for you in the meantime.



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    Jeffrey R. Souza

    Try using the HTML non breaking space:  

    | |E| |
    |G| |I|

    Not to refute Jen's statement but it worked fine for me.

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    Michael Decleene

    Thanks, sydd, that works (and is considerably more elegant than my workaround of hand-coding the table in HTML when I absolutely need proper formatting). 

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