Where does 'Table View: Release Scoreboard' get defined?




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    Ken Mugrage


    A view is either a tab or a team favorite which was saved in that project. In this case, it's a team favorite. If you open up the sidebar on the right, and expand the team favorites, you'll see it in that list. If you click on it there, and then make and save any changes to the favorite, the table on the overview page will reflect those changes.

    As to your other question about other useful views, you can create your own favorites and tabs for whatever information you would like to see without the need to write MQL queries. 

    I hope this helps,


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    Ian Bridson



    Thanks for the quick answer. This is quite a neat way to get a table displayed in the wiki, I'll have to investigate this some more!

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    Suzie Prince


    You can find information about this in our 3.0 help. Unfortunately this was removed in our 3.1 help but we are working on fixing this.


    - Suzie

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