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    Suzie Prince

    Hi Jeff

    There is currently no way to do this although this is something that we are looking at doing in future releases. One thing that may help you track relationships between projects is that you can create links between cards in different projects. You can read more about this here in the "Cross project card and page linking" section.

    For our information, what kind of dependency do you have? One story shoudl finish before one can start? Or one story must start for the other to start?

    Thanks Suzie

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    Ian Bridson

    I'm looking at having a project for each work stream and some Features with dependancies in more than one work stream.

    An example might be that a B2C website is separate work stream, Project 1,from the main internal application, Project 2, but requires address lookup to be made available from the internal application, as part of the 'Customer contact' feature. The address lookup story would be in project 2, but other contact feature stories are in project 1.

    Therefore it would be useful to have a way of listing all the stories for a particular Feature regardless of which project they are in, so that you can see the status, when each story it is planned etc. as a whole. Are you looking to enhance filtering to cope with multiproject views or is there another way of doing this?

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    Suzie Prince


    There are a couple of things that you can do now in Mingle 3.1.

    1. We have some cross project reporting functionality. Using this you should be able to create a wiki page or card that contains a list of all stories in a feature from one project and all stories in a feature from another project. You can show the status and plan for these stories as well if needed. You can do this using the project parameter on the table query macro and parameter. Please take a look at the cross project reporting help page for more information. 

    2. You can link cards together using the cross project linking. Although this doesn't have any report capability at the moment this does help "connect" all the requirements.

    In the future we are planning to be able to manage programs of work and this includes managing dependencies between projects. 


    - Suzie

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