How are you using Murmurs?




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    1. how are you and your team using Murmurs?

      1. For now only via the murmur wall, and only a few of us are comfortable with it.  We're hoping this changes soon.

    2. what information do you share via Murmurs?

      1. Primarily status updates on development or requests for updates to cards.  Not all of us use subscriptions, so the murmur wall acts as a central point for people to know 'when things change'.

      2. We're trying to get better about broadening our discussion and using it for team building.  We're a distributed team, so relationships and communication are key.  We're still working on this part as not everyone is entirely comfortable with new tools or social media.  

      3. I periodically use it for announcements / reminders of upcoming items.  Retrospectives, UAT, etc.  In the future we hope it reduces our need for email and IM conversation and becomes a 'whole project' solution where we discuss everyting from daily activities to status updates to process changes and improvements. 

    3. how often do you murmur?

      1. Between 5 and 10 times per week currently.

    4. how long are your murmurs?

      1. anywhere between 1 and 5 sentences, often referencing story cards.

    5. do you use the Jabber chat room integration?

      1. No, but that's due to territorial issues with our internal jabber server.  We're considering an external solution.

    6. do you have feature requests for Murmurs?

      1. Yes, integrate with subscriptions so when cards I'm subscribed to are murmured about I'm notified, similar to how comments on a card work (this is also in the feature request forum).

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    Jennifer Marley

    Hi Dan

    If for some reason you are not able to sort out the Jabber server issues in your organization, one alternative is to use the open-sourced Murmurs.AIR client, which you can read about on this Community post.



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    Suzie Prince

    Hey Dan

    Thanks so much for this information. We are glad that you have found Murmurs to be useful. We have added some more Murmurs functionality in Mingle 3.1 that will help to some extent with your subscription feature request but not completely so we have captured your request in our backlog.

    Please feel free to send more requests, comments and feedback when you have it.


    - Suzie

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