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    Suzie Prince


    If you are using Postgres you can use Postgres pg_dump to create a complete database backup. This will backup all database data and we recommend you do this before every upgrade of Mingle. Details of how to use pg_dump can be found at the Postgres website.

    You can also use the Mingle import/export tool as described here to export all projects to backup. This will only backup project data and will no include any users who are not associated with any projects.

    If you require further assistance please contact the Mingle support team.

    - Suzie

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    Dheeraj Reddy

    So the quick steps are

    1. Back up the database (this will back up all your projects)

    2. Back up the DATA_DIR, this will ensure you back up your configuration settings AND attachments

    These are all the backups you will need to recover Mingle.

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    Rainer Schmidt

    Suzie, Dheeraj, thanks a lot for your answers.


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