Examples of automated backup of Mingle?



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    Jonny LeRoy

    We have a simple cron job that does the following:

    # Backup Mingle

    echo "Backing up Mingle:"

    # This is the directory to backup
    cd /mingle/app/backup/

    echo "-- saving previous backup"
    # Store the previous version in case we have problems
    mv -f mingle.data.dump old.mingle.data.dump
    mv -f mingle.files.tar.gz old.mingle.files.tar.gz

    echo "-- dumping the database"
    # Dump the database
    pg_dump -Fc -fmingle.data.dump -Upostgres mingle

    echo "-- archiving the attachments"
    # Tar and zip all the attachments
    tar -czPf mingle.files.tar.gz /mingle/app/data/

    echo "Done"

    The "/mingle/app/backup/" directory is then included in the general backup process for the box. We should really bring Mingle down to guarantee consistency, but this seems good enough for our purposes.


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