Importing from Trac in to Mingle



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    Chris Leon

    Responding to own post...  I decided to try seeing what mingle would export, and use that how I could import. 

    • Found out that the 'number' column header is special and acts as card ID, so that solves my cross references question.

    • Comments I ended up concatenting into a single Excel column with some <BR>'s in between to break it up.

    • With the attachments, at least the ticket id/card id's are now the same, so we can easily look up attachments.  I'm sure the mingle API can be used to do this, and if we decide we need to bring them in we'll look in to that.

    Would be nice if the import docs were a bit more thorough, detailing how to set card tree properties, how mingle decides what to do with columns that it can't map to existing properties, and especially what the 'special' column headers are!  As far as I know this is the only way to get data from other projects in aside from the API, and that information is necessary to do so.

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