Aggregates of Aggregates




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    Patrick Power

    Anyone have any ideas on this?  I'd love to be able to implement this.

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    Jay Mitchell

    Patrick, although there isn't a concept of an aggregate of aggregates, you can accomplish the same thing by creating the same aggregate at a higher level in the tree. If I understand your setup correctly, you could create an iteration aggregate which sums up the estimates on the tasks in that iteration.

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    Say you have a fixed number of iterations per release.  Aggregates of aggregates is the ideal way to get the average velocity over all iterations.

    Such a feature would be, in my opinion, desireable.  I would be interested in a workaround, should anyone know one.

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    Patrick Power

    Any chance we can include this in 3.0?  At PMI, we're using Mingle in a few different ways (adjusting Agile to work within PMI) and we need some other functionality that's not currently available (and that, I would think, would be desired for large enterprises using Mingle).

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    Suzie Prince


    We are currently not intending to build this as we see the workaround that Jay suggested to be acceptable at the moment. Can you explain why this doesn't work for you guys so we can consider this again? 

    Also, as this is related, I wanted to let you know we will be including the functionality to build formulas using aggregates and also the ability to create conditional aggregates in Mingle 3.0. 

    Thanks Suzie 

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