Project Variables and Mingle API




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    Suzie Prince

    Hi Federico

    You currently can not query project variables through the Mingle API. This is something we are strongly considering adding in soon as there have been a number of requests for this feature and we would like to add API support wherever it is valuable.

    We will update the community when this is avaliable.


    - Suzie

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    Dheeraj Reddy


    Why exactly do you want to access the project variable form the API? Maybe we can provide you with a work around.

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    Federico Feller

    We save the current iteration number in a project variable. I want to query this value from the continous integration server so I can create proper build versions based on the current iteration.

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    Dheeraj Reddy

    So, it isn't possible to get this through API, as Suzie mentioned, but I could suggest a work around.

    You have the capability of displaying Project Variable on a wiki page

    Project Variable insert

    And the using the Wiki API, you can pull this info out. Using this, you can display all the project variable you need on this page and extract the info.

    Hope this is helpful

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