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    l bascle

    '"an option to reply directly from email"

    that's a bit of an overstatement, as all the REPLY button does is redirect to the related card in Mingle, which you need to be logged into to be able to add a murmur.

    Any ETA or backlog entry for being able to reply via email and post to Mingle?

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    Mansi Shah

    Our support team has built a script that will help create Mingle cards via email ingestion.

    There are 2 versions of the script, one that works with gmail and the other with outlook.

    Hope that helps.

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    l bascle


    that's a slightly different need though. Creating cards through email i feel is a secondary need, i haven't come across that in the projects i worked on. however replying to comments and keep both email and audit trail has been consistently required.

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    Mansi Shah


    Earlier this year, we introduced replying to comment/murmurs from your mailbox.

    ICYMI, here's the link



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    Jim Dumont

    Since cards are organized as a hierarchy of Epics / User Stories / Tasks, can I subscribe to an Epic and receive notifications when any User Story or Task under that Epic is modified - OR - do I have to individually subscribe to each and every User Story and Task to receive those notifications?   If that latter, that is quite unusable!!   Subscription management would be very time consuming as well.



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    Anish Venkat

    Hello Jim,

    You can use the project history subscriptions to achieve the use case you mentioned. I'd like to explain this with the help of an example. I created a sample project with the same tree structure as yours.

    I have used the filters as in 'Screenshot 1' to get notifications when ever a story card is modified that belongs to Epic 1.

    Use the filters as in screenshot 2 to get notifications whenever a task belonging to Epic 1 is modified.

    'Epic tree - Epic' is the tree relationship property for the tree Epic -> Story -> Tree. 

    Hope the information helps. Please reach out to us at in case you have any questions.



    Screenshot 1:

    Screenshot 2:




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