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    Mark Richter

    @Anil, you need to make sure that the full path to the svn.exe file is on the path. 

    Example: c:\program files\svn\bin\svn.exe

    Put that whole thing on the path. It's best to put it on the system path so it applies to all users.

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    Adding to what Mark said, install a svn client if you haven't done so and make sure you restart the Go Server / Agent after the installation / adding svn to path.

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    Yes i already have the svn client added to the path. I think i have problems restarting the GO server. I tried to run the stop-server and start-server inside the Go Server installation directory. But when i stop and start the server i get an error saying it cannot delete some jar file inside the WEB-INF directory inside the folder work/......

    And the error is failed to open certain jar as it is opened by some other resource.. i think its because Go server is installed as windows service by default during installation and its locking it even after i run the stop-server cmd.

    Now i reinstalled the server but now i get the invalid certificate from my subversion. How do i say inside the GO configuration just accept that invalid certificate.....?

    Here is the error i'm getting

    svn: Malformed URL https://collabnet/svn/ihsphr/trunk/phr : Error performing command: --- Command --- svn --username ****** --password ****** log --non-interactive --xml -v --limit 1 https://collabnet/svn/ihsphr/trunk/phr --- Environment --- {} --- INPUT ---- --OUTPUT --- --- ERROR --- ERROR: svn: OPTIONS of 'https://collabnet/svn/ihsphr/trunk/phr': Server certificate verification failed: issuer is not trusted (https://collabnet)

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