Only downloading upstream materials if the version changes




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    Rajeshvaran Appasamy

    Hi Brett,

    Instead of using a timer, can you try making the stage as automatically triggered as shown in below example?

       <pipeline name="downstream_pipeline">
    <pipeline pipelineName="upstream_pipeline" stageName="defaultStage" materialName="upstream" />
    <stage name="defaultStage">
    <job name="defaultJob">
    <exec command="ls" />
    <fetchartifact pipeline="upstream_pipeline" stage="defaultStage" job="defaultJob" 

    <runif status="passed" />
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    Brett Cave

    The pipeline needs to run hourly.

    I resolved this by changing the upstream pipelines definition. The task of the upstream is a local bash script, called via exec. The bash script now copies the artifact needed by the downstream to a local directory, and the downstream pipeline runs a script that uses the artifact in that directory. no "fetchmaterials" task is required any more.

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