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    Steven Elkind

    I would like to see this as well.

    But, while I'm at it, we have a related requirement - we want to have notifications for certain events sent to mailing lists or to users who don't log in to Go - preferabley to be done by the pipeline admin(s) for the pipeline(s) in question, not by someone logging in and making the mailing list his email address in his profile.  Since users authenticate against an LDAP, bogus users won't work as well (also adding users in the auth file requires access to the system we don't have). 

    /Steve Elkind

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    Mike O'Brien

    Yeah, actually, thats even better. +1

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    Steven Elkind

    I should mention the resulting list of notification emails for a specific event would be the union of the two methods, neither overriding the other

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    Christopher Dalid

    I would also find a more powerful notification process helpful. We have multiple stakeholders (some Go users asome not) who need to be notified as a group at key events (e.g. at deployment to test environments and of course at releases. Communication/notificaiton is a very key process in agile software development and therefore I think it makes a lot of sense to see how Go can support this in a smooth way. We also use LDAP so making dummy accounts is not really a feasible approach.

    How do you guys at Thoughtworks handle this kind of notifications?

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