Pattern for using go to build a rails project that uses bundler?



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    Ketan Padegaonkar

    Here's what we're doing as part of a rails3 project:

    • Run "bundle pack" to copy over all .gem files to RAILS_ROOT/vendor/cache as per the Gemfile.lock. This is the only dir that needs to go into source control. The unpacked gems inside vendor dir need not.

    • Copy over the bundler.gem file to RAILS_ROOT/vendor/cache (required for next step)

    • As part of the each CI job, we have a script that unpacks bundler into the correct dir and unpacks the rest of the gems using bundler

    Once the environment is using the script, use the exec task to shell out to RAILS_ROOT/vendor/ruby/1.8/bin/[rake|rcov|whatever]

    -- Ketan|

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