Adding/Deleting/renaming properties




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    Santosh Hegde


    Hi Lee,

    As of now, you cannot update or delete an existing property. You can create new properties.

    For example a curl post to create a new property called version with value 23 under Pipeline:dev,pipeline counter 6739,stage dev,stage counter 2 and job build will look like this.

    curl -u username:password -d "value=23"

    You have to post the value of the property using "value=23".

    In your perl script, the $create url needs the stage counter (As you rightly pointed out), and I gues $prop needs to be set to "value"

    Please look at the last example in this help page



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    Santosh Hegde

    Correction: The pipeline in the example above is cruise and not dev.

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    The problem is none of the options I tried actually worked.  I will download cURL and try to see if I can get it to work.

    Of course I want it to work without providing username and password, we do not want any of that logged.

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