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    Ian Bridson

     I agree, extra pipeline level properties would be very helpful, for similar reasons of complex versions etc. I think a pipeline description property and a number of other properties that can be used for anything would be very helpful, especially if there was a way to optionally display these prpoerties at pipeline view

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    Santosh Hegde


    Yes, dynamic updation of pipeline labels and pipeline level properties are part of our backlog.

     As of now you will need to use the properties API to create a property for a particular job. You can use the same property in other jobs/stages by using the GET properties API. Can you elaborate on the versioning scheme that you use so that we can capture that use case.



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    As of this time, we are working on converting our existing build process to GO, without making major changes to how we build.  We currently use a monolithic approach, which builds all modules of the product with each build request.  In some cases, modules have versions indepedent of product versions, as many products build them.  Each module we build has its own version (  In the end, I need to collect the versions of all the modules used and display the information back to the user, rather than the user having to look at source control to determine the last version used.  I have determined how I want to collect the information, I just wanted to be able to display it globally rather than having the user have to drill down to the job.

    I have not been able to successfully create/update properties yet using nant, so am still trying to figure out how to set them and then use them in other builds if necesssary.  Getting them is easy, except that is rerieves a file which I have to parse, rather than the value, so not terribly convenient.



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    I ended up creating and xml file on the fly as the build executes, then applying a style sheet, exporting both the xml file and the html file as artifacts and creating a new tab to display the html file.  I can then fetch the xml file and parse it for other jobs.

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