Remote deployment using GO




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    Ian Bridson

    Hi Jebastine

    If you have Go Enterprise I would suggest using Go's artifacts to promote to Dev and QA, as this gives a better audit trail than a series of XCOPYs and provides the ability to easily redepoly a particular version to Dev or QA (e.g. current live version), plus a faster deployment time due to the jobs being run in parallel by different agents. If you have Go Community then you may wish to consider buying some remote agents to achieve this.

    so for this  you would save the Msi output of the Build stage as an artifact, then have the Dev agent fetch this and deploy it locally. Install an agent on each Qa server to fetch the artifact and deploy it locally too ( need only to allow bidirectional traffic on ports 8153 and 8154 between Go server and QA agents, for the agents to fetch artifacts and communicate with the Go server, so hopefully this is less of a security risk to open the firewall than creating a share path)



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    Jebastine Vetharaj


    If I install GO agent in each QA server and do the deployment. How can I track those activities from GO dashboard. Also can you give me some samples if you have.


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    Sachin Sudheendra

    Hi Jebastine,

    You can refer which documents how you how to track your deployments. You can find more details and examples under the "As a Release Manager, I want to..." section.


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