SVN always deleting then getting all files prior to build




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    Doing just an update is the default action I believe. Make sure you have not checked the "Clean Working Directory" option in the stage settings.

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    Tom Scott

    Oooh!  This is a good one :) 

    When we came across this problem before it turned out that there was a space at the start of the SVN url which meant that Go or rather the SVN library that Go uses thought that the repository was different and therefore required a fresh checkout.  Check your configuration of Go - (perhaps both XML and the wizard) and remove any spaces at the start and end of the URL.  

    If this solves the problem for you it might be worthwhile raising a defect - sorry something that I should have done already.



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    I haven't had a chance to try these yet, but as soon as I get a chance, then I'll let you know.

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    Justin Boyd

    I am having this exact problem, 

    I can confirm that there are no spaces in the SVN URL and that i have not ticked clean working directory.

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    Steven Elkind

    I'm having this issue as well, our J2EE project build takes an extra 10 minutes due to this. The SVN status code on every single file in the working directory is "A" in the Go agent output.  I manually checked after a build, and the working directory looks properly populated and TortoiseSVN shows all folders/files as up-to-date.

    We have Go 2.0, so there is no cleanWorkingDir attribute for the stage - I thought not cleaning was supposed to be the default behavior in 2.0.  Is there any thing we can do to stop this behavior?

    I'm also looking at a different pipeline from another project (.Net, but still an SVN repository and the same Go server), and it has a mixture of "A", "U", and "D" statusses on the small number of files that actually change, and not everything gets downloaded on the build.  So thiis one is behaving as I would expect.

    FWIW, the Agent for each project mentioned above is running as the only agent on each project's build machine, so the working directory is always the same.  (Windows 2008 R2)

    Any hints on troubleshooting this behavior is welcome.

    (And yes, we're upgrading to 2.3, but not for another few weeks).

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    Steven Elkind

    Just for grins, I triggered a build with the same SVN revision as the previous build.  It's busy replacing all the files in the working directory now, so that's just not right.

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    Steven Elkind

    yup, it's deleting all files from the agent's working copy at the start of execution, then checking out again.  Sigh.

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    Ian Bridson

    I noticed that we had something similar going on whereby the .NET build pipelines did an update as expected and our Oracle build pipelines kept checking everything out each time. This turned out to be because the Oracle process stripped out the .svn files from the working directory, so svn had no info to do an update against. The solution i chose was to copy the files to an output folder where the build process takes place, and this is faster than waiting for svn to do the full check out each time.

    So if you have this issue then maybe worth double checking that the .svn files are present and correct. If this is Ok then the troubleshooting steps would be to remove all tasks from the pipeline and see if it updates ok from svn each time, then resuming it does, put each task back in until it breaks again.

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    Steven Elkind

    Ian, the .svn files were intact at the start of the pipeline execution.  But thanks for the idea, I'll know to look out for that in the future.

    However, once we upgraded to Go v2.3.1 last week this problem disappeared.  So from my point of view this is now moot (I hope!).

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