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    Shilpa Goley

    Hi Steve,

    Eventhough the agent is installed on the same machine as the server, the fetch operation is not really a copy from one location to the other. 

    The agent communicates with the server via https and downloads the artifact from the server via https. Hence, that may take some time in case of a large file. There are a few reasons due to which the download maybe slower. Could you answer a couple of questions which might give us an idea as to the long time being taken in the download ?

    1. Are the agent and server installed on different disks?

    2. Is the server very busy with other operations like, pipelines getting triggered, config changes being made, artifacts downloads and uploads to and from the agents?



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    Scott, Stephen

    Hi Shilpa,

    Answers to your questions:

    1. No agent and server are installed on the same disk (indeed I have 4 agents installed on this disk).

    2. The server is a powerful server 8cpus, 16Gb Ram. So whilst there are  all the operations you describe in process the server itself is always under utilised.

    Based on your comment I'm wondering if having a separate disk for the agents may prove to be more efficent.


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