Problems with using git on Windows 7?




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    Hi Laura,

    Go on windows uses a 'Local System' user account.

    Since you have observed that git clone works when invoked on console, and does not work when invoked by Go, inspite of having git executable on path, it may be a key-auth setup issue.

    Please try configuring the 'Go Server' service to start as the user that 'git clone' works for,  or export 'Local System' user's public key to's authorized_keys.

    If exposes other transports(git or http), you may want to use an alternate transport and completely bypass key-auth. 



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    praveen kumar patidar

    Hello Janmejay,

    I am also getting same issue, what I am confused is with the git credentials. In ly local I am able to clone with the user credentials whereas in from go it is not allowing me to provide the user name and password for the the git. 

    I have both git and go in same server both have local user authentication setup. This is small POC I am doing targeting a huge deployment automation in my organization. Your help could get me to the point where I can say Go is the solution that I can recommend. 







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