Compare pipelines gives strange error when picking some pipeline instances



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    Ankush Dadu

    Hi Russ,

    The way Go is designed is that it uses Scheduled Order (Chronological order in which pipelines are scheduled) over Natural Order (Chronological order of pipelines based on material modifications) for the Compare pipeline feature . Refer here: to understand the definitions better.

    In the case you have mentioned, the pipeline you are trying to compare with seems to be out of "Schedule order". This basically means that it was triggered with a changeset whose modification time was earlier than the modification time of the changeset of the previous instance of this pipeline.

    For example: If you get this message for pipeline counter "4", it means that "4" for triggered with a changeset whose time is earlier than that of "1", "2" or "3". Hence performing a valid compare operation is not possible since you will not get any changeset which matches this.




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