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    Pavan K S

    Hello Steve,

    There is no Go tray yet, though we are planning to write on and open source it soon. However, Go provides CCTray compatible feeds already. If you look at the right hand bottom corner of any page, you should see a link called "CCTray Feed". Just use this link with CCTray to get up and running.

    There is also the Go-API-Client. Its an open source Java library that exposes Java objects over Go's RESTful API. It is available at: 

    Using this, you can quickly write your own build monitors that caters to your needs. 



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    Scott, Stephen

    Thanks for the reply Pavan,

    I can see the cctray feed link, but don't understand how to use it :-(

    If I click on it, it gives me a page of xml, how do I set this up with CCTray? (Maybe I have an old or incompatable version of cctray, the only download I could find was for version 1.0.1 - file name CruiseControl.NET-CCTray-1.0.1-Setup.exe, note we're not doing .net development here it's just cctray.exe I wanted)

    It's not clear, to me anyway, what information I'm supposed to configure cctray with. Is it the URL that the cctray feed goes to? What format is aaccepted etc.


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    Arvind Kunday

    @Steve, CCTray or CCMenu should have a preferences page click on Add New Project and type the url (the xml). Then select list of projects/pipelines to deal with. Works for me.

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    Thomas Dittmer
    We've built a GO radiator that allows you to configure which pipelines you want to see. Currently the different teams have it up for their products on the build monitor. If you'd like a copy of the code let me know and I'll put it on github.
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    I'm also unable to figure out how to use CCTray with Go using the latest versions of each (using Go Version: 2.2.0 and CCTray Version 1.6.7981.1).  I have never used CCTray before, but I've been using Go for about 8 months now.

    I open the Settings window, go to the "Build Projects" tab and click "Add"

    Then I click "Add Server"

    At this point there are 4 radio buttons to choose from.  typing in the cctray link from Go ( https://buildx64-01:8154/go/cctray.xml ) into any of them does not work.

    Typing in the address of the server into the "Connect directly using .NET remoting" option ( buildx64-01:8154 ) does not work.

    The button that seems closest to what I think I'm trying to do is the "Supply a custom HTTP URL".

    The default address listed there is:    http://localhost/cruisecontrol/xml.jsp

    The description seems to indicate that the url is going to be queried to get an xml, not that it should be an actual XML file.

    Is there some trick to this?  Does it just not work with the current versions?  Is the address for the cctray wrong?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Robert Zych

    I was able to get CCTray working by following an older thread, Using CCTray with authentication.

    Once I downloaded the zip, I gave CCTray my custom url (i.e. http://guest:guest@localhost/go/cctray.xml) and it just worked.

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    Thanks RobertZ :)

    Using the binary from the zip file on that page, I was able to get this working (using the bottom option in the Add Servers dialog, and supplying a username/password).


    FWIW, here's the full address line I used (not the real values of course):



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    Jason Duff

    Thomas - I'm interested in seeing the "GO Radiator" that your team has built.  Can you please post a link?

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    Thomas Dittmer

    Hi Jason,

    I can't get hold of the code for the GO radiator we use in work. I've written another one thou here:

    It's build using Ruby, Sinatra and basic Javascript, I just need to add one more feature (the screen auto refresh) and it should work for most cases I'll try and sort it out for you this week, can't promise anything thou. If you want to fork it and send me a patch your more than welcome, feel free to chase me on the feature if not because I'll probably forget.



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