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    Rajesh Muppalla

    Hi Mike,

    Does a restart of the Go server enable the trigger buttons that were earlier disabled?

    If it does not, then this a known bug with 2.2.0. We have since made a patch release (2.2.1) and the installers are available on the site to download.

    Can you upgrade and verify that the problem is fixed?

    - Rajesh 

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    Mike O'Brien

    I'm not sure, I can give it a shot and see. Actually the button issue is not as much of a concern. The issue where the builds arent not being automatically triggered is the biggie.

    Another thing I've noticed is the time it takes for the actual build to start (Sometimes minutes). So the build is triggered at 12:00 and the build starts at 12:03 for example. So something is happening in there that I've not seen with SVN. It seems like each time it does a build its re-cloning the repository or something. It's hard to tell whats going on becuase we run go under a service account. What is Go doing when it checks the repo and right before the build?

    What would be really helpful is a log of the console output (With timestamps). I think it would help troubleshoot the above situation as well as other situations where git is prompting and getting stuck (Like I'm dealing with now on another project).

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