Firefox 3.6.17 styling issue with the iframe for console tab in job details




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    Rajeshvaran Appasamy

    Hi Thomas,

    On normal circumstances, this issue is not reproducible.

    We need the below details to identify the cause of this issue:

    1. What is the resolution of screen (example : 1024x768)

    2. What is operating system you where using

    3. Are there any additional addons or plugs installed?

    4. If possible generated text in console

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    Rajeshvaran Appasamy

    5. What version of go do you have right now? Is it 2.2?

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    Thomas Dittmer
    Sorry for the late reply I've been on holiday!
    I've got round the issue by upgrading to Firefox 4.0
    For reference:
    GO Version 2.1 (Service update 1)

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