How can I modify a materials URL for an existing pipeline




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    Liang Qiao

    Hi Chris,

        Cruise did not have APIs to support your request directly, and I will put it into our backlog.

        However, Cruise will pick up the config file in run-time when you modify it in filesystem directly.

        It is not convenient in your case, and we will think more about it later.


    Qiao Liang

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    Christopher Read

    Thanks Qiao Liang...

    I've created a python script to do the work for me by reverse engineering what the UI does. It's working nicely for me, I've attached it in case anyone else is interested.


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    This thread has not been updated in a long time and I was hoping that some progress has been made to expand the API for creating pipelines.

    In particular, we are hoping that we can iterate through pipelines in a group to duplicate and create new pipelines in a new group that include the following:

    pipeline templates
    pipelines as materials

    The documentation does show how you can create the new pipeline group and also how to add the SCM material.

    Also if there was a part of the API that gathers the information from existing pipelines/groups so the branch pipelines can be made from those that would be helpful.


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