Migrate pipelines to another server (with history)




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    Santosh Hegde

    Hi Jebastine,

    Here are the steps to migrate:

    • Install the new server

    • Ensure that both the existing and new Go servers are not running.

    • From your existing server installation directory copy conf,db,artifacts folders to the new server installation directory

    • Start the new server. Update the license on the dashboard.

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    Steven Elkind

    Unfortunately, Jebastine has a different problem.  He wants to migrate his pipelines from one Go server to another existing Go server, which already is in operation with multple other pipelines that can not be disturbed.  What is really needed is some way to export/import.  Is there any way to accomplish this in a straightforward and non-risky fashion?

    We have a QA Go server which serves as both QA for Go itself and as a sandbox for projects new to Go that are just learning the ropes.  When they are ready, the migrate their initial pipelines to our production Go server for the rest of their existence.  The reason we do this is that our production Go instance is shared by multiple projects and is used for production deployments.  Up to now we've just been cutting-and-pasting XML fragments in the config source view, something I'm not crazy about....

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