Using env variable in artifact src




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    Ian Bridson

    Hi Jebastine

    I think the ${...} syntax is for Parameters, Environment variables have a %variable% syntax, so it might be worth trying %UTC_PRJ_PATH%.


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    Jebastine Vetharaj

    I tried it, it is not working. I would like to scripts in way that the artifacts location is dynamic. Any Idea?

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    Mark Chang

    Hi Jebastine,

    Instead of using a Go Environment Variable, use a Go Parameter.  Give that a go and let us know if that doesn't work.



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    So then how do you make the parameter dynamic?  If I use the GO_PIPELINE_NAME and GO_PIPELINE_COUNTER to generate the name for an artifact in stage1.  It would look something like <GO_PIPELINE_NAME>-<GO_PIPELINE_COUNTER>.war.  And then in stage2 I want to do a fetch artifact to grab this particular artifact.  However, I can not determine how I could use a parameter to do this.  I can't access the environment variable in <fetchartifact>.  So how would I tell <fetchartifact> the dynamically generated name of this artifact?  Is this even currently possible?



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    Shilpa Goley

    Hi Russell,

    Answer to your first few queries:

    Parameters are not really meant to be dynamic. They are a part of your configuration and can be used to customize/simplify the pipeline configuration.

    GO_PIPELINE_NAME and GO_PIPELINE_COUNTER are environment variables and cannot be used as parameters.

       " So how would I tell <fetchartifact> the dynamically generated name of this artifact?  Is this even currently possible?"

    No, this is not currently possible. 

    Just as a suggestion, when you define a fetchArtifact task to fetch artifact from PipelineA-StageA-JobA, then it will always pick it up from the the latest run of PipelineA-StageA-JobA. So you could fetch the whole folder which cotains your artifact too.

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    Jason Duff

    Just checking back on this thread.  Has the ability to dynamically name an artifact name been implemented - using either env variables or parameters?  Doesn't seem to work but I may be missing something.


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