GO Server or GO Agent admin notifications




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    Santosh Hegde

    Hi Lee,

    E-mails are sent to the admin e-mail for events such as low disk space for artifacts and Go database. The e-mail address configured for the admin user in server configuration will be used.

    We also have the server health errors box which captures various errors for pipelines. This is available at the bottom right section of the dashboard. Issues related to agent or disk space are also logged in the console output for the failed job.


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    I really need to be able to receive email when we lose an agent.  One example is I have an agent running in a VM.  When the host is restarted, the VM does not automatically launch, therefore it is unavailable. Since pipelines will wait for an available agent (with matching resources) indefinitely, this can be an issue, as I have had a maintenance task wait for hours because the resources were not available.  Had I been notified the agent was down or not responding, I could have taken action sooner.  Alternately, having a maximum wait time for resource availability on a pipeline would be nice to have.

    The server health errors box messages in the corner ,while visually useful, are not always correct, and are not really going to work for our users, many of which are visually impaired.


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    Santosh Hegde

    I agree that an e-mail that an agent went missing is very useful. I have captured your feedback.




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