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    Rajesh Muppalla

    Hi Christof,

    Yes, you are right. Since "fetchartifact" does not support wildcards as source, it means that you have to specify each artifact separately for the problem you are trying to solve.

    We have a story in our backlog to fix this. It is currently prioritized for our 3.0 release (scheduled for release in Q3 this year).

    - Rajesh 

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    Thanks for the info.

    Yep, wildcards in the source spec sounds like the most flexible solution as you don't always want all the artifacts but also don't want to list them all individually (and sometimes you can't as the names of some artifacts might not be static because they contain a version number etc).

    Well, guess we have to work around it for now and wait till Q3.



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    Ian Bridson



    One way to solve this is to create the artifact called lib from pkg,   <artifact src="pkg" dest="lib" />, then fetch artifact becomes

    <fetchartifact stage="dev" job="unit" srcdir="lib"/> and then you don't get the pkg folder. I agree i don't see much use for the dest attribute on fetchartifact as it tends to just mess up the structure as you pass artifacts along the pipelines.

    - Ian

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