Can I increase SVN polling interval?



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    Rajesh Muppalla

    Hi Steve,

    The default polling interval for an SCM material in Go is 60 seconds. This setting is global for the entire Go server. 

    We poll the SCM for latest revision for each unique repository. So for a single pipeline with a single SCM, we would poll only once every 60 seconds. As per your post, one request to SCM per second for the same repository from Go seems abnormal. Can you confirm that these requests are from Go server and not from any of your scripts? If you suspect they are from Go, please attach the go-server.log file so that we can investigate this further.

    If you do want to configure the polling interval and see if it helps, we have an undocumented way of doing it. You can specify the property "cruise.material.update.interval" in the startup scripts ( or server.bat) and restart the server. For example, you need to add "-Dcruise.material.update.interval=180000" to the command that Go server starts with to setup a polling interval of 3 minutes.



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