Git modification check getting stuck




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    Mike O'Brien

    Any thoughts on this? It's happended again today and my boss isn't too happy. I'm not sure how to resolve this short of moving to another CI server. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hi Mike,

    Sorry for the delay. Go doesn't seem to be the cause in this case. This is a command invocation that Go makes and wether modification check succeeds or not is solely dependent of the command returning successfully.

    This seems like a problem with remote end killing invocations git makes on the remote end or the proceses on the other end dying for some reason. I would suggest trying with git protocol (git://) insteed, which will be dependent on git daemon running on the other side instead of invocations made over ssh. 

    A way to test this out is to write an infinite loop in a shell script to continue making git pull invocations with half a minute of sleep and capture stdout/stderr from these invocations to verify the issue.

    It may also be a problem with the network(as in, firewall/proxy etc), so please keep the environment for the infinite loop test as similar to the server as possible.

    If git:// is a no go, you may want to switch to https:// (please check the git version before you make this switch, as http support was known to be unstable before 1.7.x).


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    The log shows a github url, so both git protocol and https are available for the repo. They can be tried out to see if they are functioning properly. 

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    Mike O'Brien

    Thanks for the troubleshooting tips. Like I mentioned earlier, the bigger problem is that Go sometimes isn't able to recover from these errors (regardless of their cause). Go should be able to hit an error with git and not get stuck. It could monitor stdout/stderr to check for an error (Like you mentioned) and it could also have a timeout where it kills the call if it takes too long (This could even be configurable). Either way it should be robust enough to handle and error and recover.

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