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    Santosh Hegde

    Hi Stephen,

    As of now there is no option to configure the content of emails. 

    Can you elaborate on which emails you want to configure so that we can capture feedback.



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    Scott, Stephen

    Hi Santosh,

    We have Go installed on a remote server behind a firewall. To gain easy access to it we have port 8153 open in the firewall. This means that the URL for connecting to Go is http://<IP Address>:8153/ or we have to create a tunnel to that port.

    E-mails generated by Go when a stage fails include URLs to the test results, they're of the for http://localhost:8153/. These URLs don't work unless we have the tunnel to port 8153 open.

    I'd like to be able to configure e-mail so that the URL is the one which works.


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    Santosh Hegde

    Hi Stephen,

    You can configure the site url for Go. Configuration reference is here

    You may also want to look at help on configuring Go to work with a proxy


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    Any idea when we be permitted to create email templates?

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    Srikanth Seshadri

    Hi Lee,

    Thanks for your patience. Currently we have not prioritized this feature. But we are working on developing our plugin infrastructure - your feedback will help us in deciding the extension points.


    Will keep you posted as we go along.




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