Automated, silent install of GO Server on Windows 2008 R2




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    Nigel Fernandes

    We also found that installations through this route do not setup firewall rules.


    To install firewall rules via powershell, for GO see Tom Hollanders firewall rule function (

    to add 8153 and 8154 for service "Go Server"

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    John HTran

    I've tried the above suggestions using Thoughtworks Go Server version 14.3.0-1186 , however i cannot get 'Go Server' service to start.  If I uninstall it and use the interactive installer, it works fine.   I ensured the CRUISE_SERVER_DIR env var exists as well.

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    Aravind SV

    Hi John HTran,

    This forum is not monitored often, any more, and is closed for new topics. You should probably use the go-cd google groups mailing list or the gocd project on GitHub. The website of Go is now:

    Regarding this, there was never a silent install of Go documented, I believe. Someone found out how to do it, and posted it here. I'd look at the install.log file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Go Server and see what is (not) happening when you run it in silent mode. But, I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't work, since it isn't a documented, supported feature.



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    Aravind SV

    I meant silent install of Go Server. The agent has a silent install.

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