Change from Enterprise to Community Edition (v12.3) License Expired & Pipeline 'play' button greyed out.




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    Raghuram Bharathan

    Hi Ryan,

    Go has not fallen back to the Community edition because the expired Enterprise license is still "installed".  

    You could one of two things (based on your need):

    * Contact  our Sales or Support to provide you with a Community license which allows 10 users and 3 agents

    * Remove the "Enterprise license" (by editing the config.xml). This will "default" Go to supporting 10 users, but 0 remote agents.




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    Ryan Crawford

    Thanks for the assistance!  Our account rep has been in touch and provided the support we needed.

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    DAVIES, Ben

    Hi I'm an ex-enterprise user in a similiar situation (although we didn't scale back, I was moved between teams). 

    I notice I fall back to 0 remote agents as the above, but clearly says community edition should have 3 remote agents. Is this a bug, or do I need to more than not have a license installed?

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    Marco Abis

    Hi Ben,

           as per Raghuram's reply below you need to request a free community license to fall back to the Community version otherwise you fall back to local agents only (i.e. 0 remote agents).

    Please contact  Sales or Support and request the free license.

    Hope it helps


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