Different Types of Triggers for a Pipeline




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    Shaun Titus

    Note: The 'timer can be configured' link takes you to thoughtworks-studios.com which has a certificate error because the cert doesn't contain the Subject Alternative Name for 'thoughworks-studios.com'.



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    Jyoti Singh

    Thanks Shaun for pointing it out, I have updated the links.

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    Svante Lidman (Edited )

    It seems to me that a fairly common use case would be to have a pipeline that runs on a timer but not on each commit (e.g., to Git). One would believe that this is what you would get if you configure the pipeline to run on a timer and add git repos as materials but with "Poll for changes" unchecked.

    But this is not the case...

    As described on this page you get different behaviors on manual triggering compared to a timer triggering of a pipeline in that material is updated in the first case but not the second. Very confusing.

    This should be highlighted in the official documentation. Now we we need to workaround this difference in behavior by adding a task "git clone" in each job instead of configuring it once on the pipeline and we have many jobs in our pipelines...

    Or is it so that we can do what is described in the last sentence on this page?

    "(iii) If it is desirable that the pipeline should trigger only on the scheduled time and not on every check-in, the first stage should be made manual."

    Confusing indeed.

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    Mansi Shah

    Hi Svante,

    This forum is available only for reference. When we GoCD was open sourced, we moved the community to google groups. Please redirect your queries to the go-cd google group




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