Special characters in SVN passwords are no escaped




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    Marco Abis

    Hi Esko,

      thanks a lot for this. Can I move this post to the Knowledge Base forum? That way it will be easier for other users to find it in case they have the same issue.

    Unless you really wanted to submit a Feature Request, in that case this is the correct forum and I wonder: since this is an issue with Subversion's Windows client and not with Go are you proposing we implement the workaround in Go?

    Thanks again


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    Esko Luontola

    OK. I haven't tested other platforms, but if you're sure that this happens only the Windows SVN client, then maybe there is nothing to do about it. As long as it won't be possible to execute arbitrary commands on the server by using a specially crafted password, documenting the workaround in Knowledge Base should be enough.

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