Problem trying fetch materials from svn repository with self signed certificate




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    Andrew Fraser

    Do you mean the command line on the server running Go Server or are you referring to something within Go Server.

    I have installed Go Server as a trial on my local windows PC and have run svn log on my command prompt but I'm not prompted for a certificate and I still get this error.  If you clarify the above, that would be great.

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    Arun Kumar


    Your assumption is correct. The command has to be run from the command line on the server running Go. Please confirm if you are running the command from the account which owns the Go Service.


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    Andrew Fraser

    thanks.   have bounced Go Server and it's working so a restart did the trick.  Thanks for your help.

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    Jayaprakash Govindaram

    I tried the above command in command prompt as below

    svn log https://ip-address/svn/SVNRepository/trunk/Src/Framework

    But it didn't prompt for accept the certificate. Instead it propted for user id and password. Again Iam getting same issue. i.e ERROR: svn: E230001: Unable to connect to a repository at URL '' ERROR: svn: E230001: Server SSL certificate verification failed: certificate issued for a different hostname, issuer is not trusted.

    Can someone help me.

    Thanks in advance

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    Srinivas Upadhya

    Hi Jayaprakash,

    Did you run the command as 'go' user i.e. the user under which Go Server & Agents are running. If the command does not prompt for password then Go Server / Agent also should not be facing the error. Please check & revert.

    Going ahead please use Go users / Go developers Google group to discuss this further. You will find the links here:



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    Poornima Raj


    i cannot add svn materials to pipeline...anyone give me a suggestion??

    failed to find 'svn' on your path. please ensure 'svn' is executable by the go server


    getting this error..



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    kirk h

    But what if I Go is launched as a windows service?

    I am getting the same error: "issuer not trusted"

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