Parameters and Environment Variables




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    Is there any option to set a parameter from Environment Variable?

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    David Caudill

    How should we decide when to use a Parameter vs a Variable?

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    Kalle Makela

    Good question before be. But also there is no good instructions on how use secret parameters in materials. And also why I cannot use my pipeline environment on lower levels??

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    Rajesh Waran

    Just came across the blog, can we make the material as variable and pass the value as parameter from post commit hook ?


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    Rajesh Waran


    Ho can we pass values from one pipeline to another pipeline. For example 

    i notify the build pipeline so that it knows where to run its mvn command from.




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    How to pass desired value in parameter through GO CD UI ,I am not able to find any option in trigger with box ..

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    Mansi Shah

    Rajesh's comment came in as a ticket. Posting it here on his behalf.


    I have used parameters in child that can have the parent detail and in material as #(parent) and type pipeline so that child gets triggered after parent. 
    May be Please explain in detail to assist you, a scenario will help too.




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