Commands in Windows




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    Aravind SV

    Hi Joshua,

    That should have worked. Maybe the working directory is wrong. This is the equivalent of the command it would have run:


    cd C:\Program Files\Go Agent\pipelines\pipeline-name\pkg (or whatever is the right one for you)

    cmd /c powershell install.ps1


    Can you try that and see?



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    Aravind SV

    I forgot to mention. We've moved the forums to the mailing lists mentioned on this page:

    Please use that from the next time, since this forum will not be monitored as actively as that one. Also, the other mailing lists have more people, who will be able to help quicker.

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    Aravind SV

    It was implicit in what I said earlier, but the actual "powershell" command runs on the Go Agent and not on the Go Server.

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