Go 14.2 released




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    Hi, a few questions on pipeline dependencies, that I was not able to find in the docs..

    Having 2 pipelines A and B . A  >  B.

    Pipeline A, has material configured from Version Control(TFS)

    Pipeline B depends on pipeline A and no other material.

    I would like while on Pipeline B to have information about which revision PIPELINE A use to trigger B.

    * Can I export variables from one pipeline to the other? Can I for example know which revision Pipeline A use in order to fire Pipeline B?

    Also I would like to fetch the same revision on Pipeline B.

    * The only way I can think of is creating a Job that will set Pipeline A material folder as an artifact and then fetch this artifact. Is there any other way?


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    Aravind SV

    I think the notification for this showed up late. This question was asked in the right forum (the go-cd mailing list) and was answered there. This support forum is no longer maintained.



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