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    hello sir/ Madam

    i would like to know that i have installed Go Server 12.4.1 windows now i m facing problem to create new pipeline and how to use Go Server 12.4.1 plz tell me how to use Go server and  to create pipeline stage 1 To stage 3



    Sandeep Kumar

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    Jyoti Singh

    Hi Sandeep,

    Are you able to browse to Go dashboard (http://<go server ip address>:8153/)?  In order to create a new pipeline, you need to navigate to the administration page using the "Admin" link on the home page. 

    Please follow the instructions at to add a new pipeline and any number of stages to this pipeline. There are few other documentation links on the left hand pane on the same page that you might find useful.

    Feel free to get back if you have got any question.



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