Can I refer to the next 2 releases in MQL?


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    Anish Venkat

    Hello Mihir,

    You can reference the cards that belong to the previous, current and upcoming release in a simple query if you have the Tree relationship setup. For example, if you have Release -> Story as the tree structure then the below table query would list out all the cards as per your use case below:

    query: SELECT number, name, status, Release - Release' WHERE type=Story and 'Release - Release' IN ('#47 Release 1','#48 Release 2','#49 Release 3')

    In the above query, Release 1 is my previous release, Release 2 is my current Release and Release 3 is the upcoming Release. Release - Release is the tree relationship property.

    If your use case is different from above, please drop us a note on One of us from the support team will reach out to you. 



    Table Output:

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