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    Jagbir Lehl

    I have the same issue..

    Right now our Mingle Structure follows the default tree relationship "Release > Iteration > Tech > Story > Functional Task > Defect"

    In my opinion, this seems a little excessive (we don't really need separate card types for 'Tech' & 'Functional task') AND it does not fulfill our basic need since there can be stories in an iteration which belong to 2 different releases, we can't fulfill this need due the relationship mapping above.. tags aren't effective since they can't be pulled into complex graphs)

    I thought we could use tags but I haven't been able to find an effective way to pull them into complex graphs. 

    To circumvent this we will have to update the Tree relationship into the following trees "Release > Story", "Iteration > Story", "Release > Defect", "Iteration > Defect", and "Story > Defect". This seems a little excessive but if you tell me that tags can't be used in complex graphs then I will have no other option. HELP PLS!!

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    Anish Venkat

    We spoke to Jagbhir on a support ticket.

    Tags can be used to filter in a WHERE clause. But for better reporting it is preferable to use a third tree relation mapping (As suggested in Jagbhir's comment)

    We have a feature request in our backlog to use tags in a select statement. We will update you if we implement it.



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