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    Melissa Doerken

    Hi Josh,


    This is great, thank you so much for taking the time to share. We're actually going to start work on visualizing murmurs from the card preview pop-up on the card wall, so your feedback is very timely. I'll shoot you an email offline to hopefully connect with you more on this point.




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    Ian Moes

    This would be very useful, I would also love to be able to view comments from the preview pane, or at least see the most recent comment. It would also be very useful to add a new comment.

    Now in 14.2, it would also be useful to see an indicator of new murmurs/comments on the main Murmurs tab button.


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    Mansi Shah

    Hi Ian,

    We have recently added Murmurs on the card preview. You can now view murmurs as well as add new murmurs from the card preview pane.

    This is currently available on SaaS and will be included in our next onsite version of Mingle as well.  

    More about Murmurs on card preview:




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    Ian Moes

    Thanks Mansi, that looks great - the tags will work well for us as well. Any idea when the next on-site release will be?

    I couldn't tell from the preview post, but have you included an indicator on the card to show there are new comments like Josh suggested?

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