Slack / Murmur Integration?




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    Mansi Shah

    Update -  Slack and Mingle integration is now live. You can read more about it here

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    Andy Levesque

    I agree. Slack integration would be very helpful from a collaboration standpoint. 

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    Erin Snyder

    Hi Nicholaus and Andy,

    Can you tell us more about what you would like to see?

    Specifically, would you like to see Slack communicate with Mingle or vice versa? Would you like to see cards moved in Mingle show up in Slack? Would Slack replace Mingle's murmurs or work in a similar way?

    Any additional information would be great and would help us flesh out this idea and make it a priority in our next iteration. 

    Thank you!

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    Rema Morgan-Aluko

    Has the Slack / Mingle integration been completed yet?

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    Erin Snyder

    Hi Rema, 

    We're currently researching this new feature and are still gathering information from our customers about what, specifically, they would like to see in a Mingle-Slack integration. 

    Can you tell me more about how you would like Slack to interact with Mingle? Do you want Mingle notifications to show up in your Slack stream, or for Slack comments to appear on Mingle cards, kind of like murmurs? 

    Any details you can give us will help! :)




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    Rema Morgan-Aluko

    I'd like to be able to reference a link to the Mingle card from Slack and I'd like to receive and send murmurs from Slack

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    Erin Snyder

    Thanks Rema, that is perfect! 

    We'll update this post once the feature goes live. 

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    Shawn Steward

    I would also love to see this integration. Some things I would like to have are:

    • Monitor card transitions (from history) could post to a Slack channel, for example any time a deployment card is requested it could post to the channel.
    • Typing #2015 in Slack could open the associated mingle card.
    • Murmurs from mingle could be filtered and added to slack channels


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    Randall Satterfield

    Hey Erin,

    Specifically, we would like to have card creation, card movement, changes in status, murmurs, etc. published as events that could be picked up by our slack channel.  Trello supports this feature (see attached) and its super useful to have all the communication about how cards are progressing centralized in the same place that we do our other communications.

    Thanks, and please feel free to reach out to me directly if you'd like a better understanding of what we'd like to see.


    Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 1.44.12 PM.png
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    I'd also like to see integration with slack.

    In particular, I'd love to be able to create stories from within slack.  I'm regularly having to add placeholder cards while in meetings and a quick way to do this without going via the UI would be very handy.

    I'm thinking something like a configuration scree to set a bunch of default properties for the card.  In my case this would be Type=Story, Feature=#id (probably a placeholder feature I'll create for these), Status=New

    Then a command in slack:

    /mingle add-card Some annoyingly small but important piece of work
    <response> MingleBot: Card <hyperlink>#xyz created</hyperlink>

    Happy to help further if I can.



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    Erin Snyder

    Hi Nick,

    We were experimenting with Slack integration but at the moment it has taken a backseat to our current work on the new dependency feature. We could still pick it up again in the future, but right now it's in the backlog. 

    I do appreciate the detail in your feature request, that helps a lot!

    And in the future if the team does pick up this story again, we may contact you for additional feedback. 


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    Brian Oxley

    Many pluses for Slack integration.  I'd like to see:

    • Murmurs
    • Story progress

    Story progress is especially interesting.

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    Robin Doherty

    Hi Erin,

    Full-blown integration would be great, but the most important thing for me is to have a feed of activity in Slack (new card, card moved, description updated, etc). I work remotely from the rest of my team, so it's incredibly valuable to see the action as it happens, and be able to click through to see the detail.

    Does Mingle already offer an API with this info? I think building the Slack side of this would be pretty simple if it just has to pull data from an API.


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    Sneha Prabhu

    Slack integration is on our roadmap, and we're expecting it to be available in a few weeks. Thank you all for your inputs, these are very useful to know! 

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    Karl Stoney

    Hey folks, 

    Just wondering if there is an update on this - you said within the next few weeks around a month ago - I'm really looking for this feature!



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