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    Leo Kwong

    Hi Ian,

    This is a great visualization and I think it would be a great addition to our Cycle Time Analytics feature. Have you had a chance to take a look at CTA? You can view it by clicking on the CTA icon at the top right of every Mingle board. 

    CTA basically calculates the teams average cycle per week (or 2 to 4 weeks). It also breaks down how long, on average,  a story spends in each step of your teams process. You can also drill down into specific stories to view their individual cycle time. 

    While it doesn't have the visualization that you provided, it should give you the same information without all the manual work. I will create a feature request for your visualization and place it in our backlog. We'll keep you updated if the story gets picked up.






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    Ian Carroll

    Hi Leo,


    Yes, I know CTA well. CTA doesn't show when a card has passed back through statuses multiple times in the example attached. In the example I attached, a defect goes back through the Dev, Test cycle several times - which is the process problem we were trying to discover.




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