Mingle 12.1 is now available



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    Suzie Prince

    Read more about the new forecasting and fixed date charts on our Studios blog.

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    Remy Genin

    Hi Suzie,


    I was wondering :

    - why this jump in the release number ? (from 3.x to 12.1 ?)

    - is there anything planned to use a wysiwyg wiki editor ?




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    Suzie Prince
    Hi Remy Very nice to hear from you. The Mingle release names now follow ThoughtWorks Studios’ new release naming convention. We use the major.minor.bugfix nomenclature. The major version reflects the year of the release (e.g. 12) and the minor version indicates which release in that year (e.g. 12.3 will be the third release in 2012). Mingle 12.1 is the first release of Mingle after the change to the new naming convention so its name is 12.1. There are no immediate plans for a wysiwyg editor. We do plan to improve the experience of editing cards and pages. Thanks Suzie

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