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    Wesley Clock

    Please leave your questions for the Mingle team here.

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    Will keyboard shortcuts be supported in the new editor?

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    Adam Monago

    Yay, Card Links!

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    Craig Lewis


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    RT Carpenter

    Nice, really appreciate y'all putting yourselves out there.  We're "big fans", will certainyl look forward to the next one.

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    Melissa Doerken

    Hey Ron,


    Hopefully you heard Suzie respond to your question. But to reiterate, yes, we do support keyboard shortcuts for standard formatting, including CTRL + B, I, U for bold, italic, and underline respectively. We don't, however, have a keyboard shortcut for strikethrough. Hope this answers everything. Please reach out if you have any more questions.




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    Melissa Doerken

    Learn more about Mingle 13.2 and WYSIWYG FAQ!

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    Robert Chisholm

    Thanks for the new features but is there any plan to support wiki markup again as an adv option.  I'm currently left with page I cannot edit since upgrading to 13.2.  The loading of the cards in the WYSIWYG editor take longer to load than in the previous wiki markup version.  The formatting of the text is now copied when transferring content from a card to other application or chat windows which isn't always what you want.  Currently having to copy to notepad which is adding an extra step in sharing information.  In the previous version I could copy plain text from the edit view (wiki markup) or the preformatted version from the saved view of the card, we no longer have this option.

    Also noticed today that editing macros in IE10, IE9 & IE8 appears to stretch to the full size of the screen once you move it and the macro becomes uneditable and are unable to close the macro box.  Displays fine in Firefox 20. Chrome 26

    Thanks for taking the time to read, I accept all major credit cards ;).



    Macro IE8.png
    Macro FF20.png
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    Suzie Prince

    Hi Robert

    Thank you for taking the time to comment and provide us with your feedback. We are sorry that you have experienced some issues with the new editor. I have created a support ticket with regard to the issue editing the macros so that we can troubleshoot this. 

    Perhaps we can also use that as an opportunity to chat further about your markup and advanced needs? We are interested to learn more about how you are using cards and the impact the new editor has on this experience. We will contact you via the support ticket to learn more. 

    Thanks again

    - Suzie 

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    Steven Kuo

    I would definitely like the ability to switch between old editor and the new. I've lost the ability to copy card descriptions and macros. 

    Using copy and paste, it copies texts and charts as if they are images. Wheres I wanted to copy the card macros.

    Also, editing in Chrome has produced many formatting issues. See my attachment. The issue happens when I scroll around in edit mode.

    chrome problem 1.png
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    Huimin Li

    Hi Steven,

    Thank you for the feedback. Sorry for the issues you have experienced. We want to solve the Chrome issue for you and also want to take the opportunity to chat further about your needs of "coping card". 

    I created a support ticket with regard to the issue you shared here, we will contact you via the ticket to learn more. 

    Thank you for your time again. 

    - Huimin

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    Bart DeBacker

    Browser spell checkers do not seem to work when editing Mingle cards with the WYSIWYG editor.  

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    Huimin Li

    Hi Bart, 

    Thank you. We have noticed that the spell checker has been disabled and we are reviewing all WYSIWYG feedback to ensure we provide good experience. Will update this space, when we prioritize and have plan for this. 


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    Suzie Prince

    Just wanted to update you all that the spellchecker should be back with 13.3 which is coming soon!

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